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Time to Change the Language of Separation and Divorce






For far too long separation and divorce has focussed on fear and anger; and the fear and unresolved anger has resulted in blaming.

This fear and anger has resulted in everyone blaming each other for separation and divorce.  Spouses blame one another.  Spouses blame the other lawyer.  Spouses blame their own lawyer.  Lawyers blame their own clients.  Lawyers blame the other spouse.  Lawyers blame each other.  Spouses blame judges.  etc etc.

This cycle of blaming is getting families nowhere fast … except wasting huge amounts of time and wasting huge amounts of family money and resources, and increasing stress for everyone. The cycle of blaming is certainly never in the best interest of children.

Early Neutral Consultation® (Registered trademark of Family Law Pathways Ltd.) empowers couples to make choices that will save family resources (both emotional and financial).



Separation and divorce is a emotional time for most spouses; and an emotional time for children.  But the emotion does not have to become fear, anger and blaming.  Sadness is a healthy emotion associated with separation and divorce.  Many couples and their children will need emotional and psychological support during the time of separation and divorce.  This is healthy.  Unresolved anger, fear and blaming is not.

Children and parents can cope well with separation and divorce if they can resolve the unhealthy emotions and move forward with healthy emotions.  It is also important to ensure that your body is not rundown at the time of separation by continuing to exercise and eat healthy.  Children benefit at the time of separation by having the support of healthy parents who continue to love them (as well as support from family professionals where appropriate).  Children and parents can thrive after separation and divorce.

Many things change at the time of separation and divorce; and many things stay the same.  An important part of dealing with separation and divorce is dealing with what changes and what stays the same.  Separation and divorce is a time for a new beginning.



It takes two to enter a relationship, and it takes two to exit it.  Separation always involves two people, and the fact is a healthy separation can only be done together, especially where children are involved.  The decisions that are needed to determine arrangements for children, finances and property at the time of separation, can only be achieved by communicating, planning, compromising and negotiating.  As a couple, you can make decisions the easier way (i.e., together) or the harder way (i.e., on your own, in isolation from your spouse).  Negotiations are what costs time and family resources (financial and emotional).  In general the negotiations that couples do together (such as around the kitchen table, or with a neutral mediator or parenting specialist, or family lawyer) cost less time and less family resources when spouses are well prepares and on the same page.  The choice is yours.

At Family Law Pathways Centre® (Registered trademark of Family Law Pathways Ltd.) we have developed a simple and effective model which helps families learn these processes and navigate the family law system.


Family Law Pathways Centre Information First ModelThe details of how couples can use this model to take control and organize their separation process are outlines in this website and discussed during the Early Neutral Consultation.



Couples attend an ENC to hear together ranges of legal options, ranges of process options and contacts specific for their unique family.

At Family Law Pathways Centre we believe each family is unique, and ENC is the best first step for most separating couples who believe you can, and wish to, attend together and then navigate efficiently to finalize your separation agreement with your chosen professionals.


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“At Family Law Pathways we cannot tell you where your journey will end…but we can tell you where it begins…by navigating your way successfully through the family law system with Early Neutral Consultation and information first”  Founder of Family Law Pathways