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FOR FAMILIES: - Congratulations! Welcome to Family Law Pathways Centre and Early Neutral Consultation. If you know some possible dates/times you and your spouse would like to attend an Early Neutral Consultation (ENC) please Email Us those details. Please also leave a contact detail (private telephone number or email address). We will contact you by your preferred method of contact to confirm the date/time of the ENC. It is the responsibility of spouses between themselves to discuss and schedule the Early Neutral Consultation (ENC). We have created this website with information specifically designed for you to share with your spouse. We do not contact your spouse for you to schedule an ENC. We do welcome brief questions and queries which we will answer by telephone only. If you do have any questions or queries about ENC please leave only a very brief message here with your name and the name of your spouse, and a telephone number. Please do not leave details of the facts of your family law matter here, since ENC is a neutral process we will not respond to facts received from one spouse only. We will also only answer brief queries by telephone for the same reason. FOR PROFESSIONALS: - Please contact if you wish to list your professional services on the Pathways Network (PathNet) referral listing, or to update or renew your professional referral listing.

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