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Helping Parents Overcome Separation Pathology

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Family Mediation Resource Centre Video   The Family Mediation Resource Center in Durham has produced an interesting video of survey results, showing what families and the community want for better family dispute resolution.   To support the Durham Family Mediation Resource Centre  and for more information contact Laura Catone-Tarcea. (

Helpful Hints to get the most out of ENC

The ENC is a 90 minute informational meeting unique to your family’s needs (i.e., you can ask any questions you like in the meeting and ranges of options for the law and process are discussed, as well as contacts to professionals who can help with anything you cannot agree between yourselves, and contacts to who […]

Enhancing Access to Dispute Resolution for People with Mental Health Issues


Family Law Reform Project at Ryerson Unversity

Building a Brighter Future with a Better Approach for Separating Families and Children   This is the title of a project the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University (under the leadership and guidance of Chris Bentley and Hersh Perlis) has been conducting over the past 5 months.  It is an exciting community collaboration to build a […]

Collaborative Practice Training

Level 1 and 2 Collaborative Team Practice Training The Divorce Team is offering our Level 1 and 2 Collaborative Team Practice (CTP) Training sessions in Barrie Ontario. Level One:  April 14 and 15 in Barrie.  Cost:   $600.00 plus HST for a total cost of $678.00. Includes lunches, snacks and materials. Level Two:  May 12, 13 […]

FDR Week (Family Dispute Resolution Week) – November 23 – 27, 2015 - postcard front - web resolution

Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) and local FDR professionals around the province are presenting Ontario’s First FDR Week (Nov 23 – Nov 27, 2015).  See and for more details    

Early Neutral Consultation (ENC) and Family Mediation – working together to help the process of Family Dispute Resolution


Since September 2013 a new entry point process of Early Neutral Consultation (ENC), invented in Canada, has been available for families to start the process of dispute resolution on the right pathway, in the best interests of families and children, and to stay out-of-court.  The process of Early Neutral Consultation started first in Barrie, Ontario […]

Informational Triage Pilot Project for Family Law

This is a pilot project we have created for Canadian governments, provincial and federal, to give them some inspiration to help families going through separation and divorce.  Family law reform is in the best interest of families and children.  Information will help families with Access to Justice.  Neutral Lawyers, Counsellors and Mediators provide a safe entry […]

Parenting Coaching, Divorce Coaching and Early Neutral Consultation – Compared

  “Coaching” is a fast growing field of practice in family dispute resolution.  Families may seek coaching together (i.e., neutral coaching) or separately (individual coaching).  Coaching is a process of facilitating informational, motivational, emotion and process options for families.  Coaching is expert-based, and many coaches also have interest-based training (such as mediation and/or collaborative practice […]